SDC 2300 Lithium PERFORMANCE PACKAGE - Minelab's Birthday Package

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Minelab SDC 2300 Lithium PERFORMANCE PACKAGE - Minelab's Birthday Package

FREE Gift Pack includes:  SDC 2300 Bag, SDC 2300 Lithium Battery, SDC 2300 Skidplate  for a limited time


 MPF (Multi Period Fast) technology incorporates extremely fast Pulse Induction switching between Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) detector signals. Therefore minimal residual transmit signal is present during the receive cycle, enabling clear sharp detection of very small gold.

Gold Prospecting (waterproof 10ft)
Coil (standard)
8" Round Monoloop
Audio Output
Built-in speaker, Minelab headphones (supplied), Koss Waterproof Headphones (not supplied), Pro Sonic Wireless Audio (not supplied)
Visual Display
9 LEDs indicate detection, battery status and threshold level; 1 low battery warning LED
Extended: 1500 mm (59.1") Collapsed: 400 mm (15.7”)
2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)
Li-on Battery Pack with Charger or  4 x C-cell 1.2 V 5000 mAh Rechargeable (not supplied), 4 X C-cell 1.5 V Alkaline (not supplied)
Detect Modes
Normal (1-5 Sensitivity range) & Salt (1-3 Sensitivity range)
Noise Cancel
Manually Initiated, Automatic Scanning
Ground Balance
Automatic Ground Tracking (AGT) Fast Ground Balance
9 audio levels
Audio Pitch
Low, High
Transmission & Technology
Pulse Induction (PI) and Multi Period Fast (MPF)
3 years control box & coil
Included Accessories
Armrest Cover, Coil Joint Protector