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Minelab are producing the world's best gold and coin detectors
Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association of Western Australia Inc.

Donnybrook Gold

Many hidden gems are scattered throughout the Southwest; tributes to the pioneering efforts of the early settlers that remain unseen by many. Gold was first discovered in Donnybrook in 1897 to much excitement and fanfare of the early colony. The short lived goldrush quickly slipped into memory and Donnybrook became  well known for a different type of green, crunchy gold; the Granny Smith apple.

Visit Donnybrook and discover your own gold; golden memories that will last a lifetime.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has played a central role in the development of Western Australia's gold industry.

Gold Talk Leonora:

Tony and Lisa run courses in Leonora.  Find out all you need to know to be a prospector in the Western Australian goldfields.

Coiltek Manufacturing:
Coiltek manufacture a range of coils for gold prospecting and for treasure hunting. They also produce a wide variety of accessories.

Nugget Finder Coils
Nugget Finder manufacture a large range of mono-coils to use with Minelab detectors.

WA Lapidary and Rockhunting Club:
The lapidary and rock hunting club meet regularly. People who are interested in the treasures of the earth can share information and enjoy all aspects of crafting rocks. Many of the rock club memebers are active travellers, enjoying the bush and its surroundings.

Crikey Camper Hire

Hire high quality Off Road Campers, Satellite Navigation Phones and all other camping accessories ready for bush travel.

How A Metal Detector Works.
An explanation by Minelab Technicians.

Geoscience Website for the index map of all 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 topographical maps (Australia wide)
The map can be enlarged by clicking on the + tab central botton of the page. Front page.

Back Page of Index map: list of all maps on front sheet.

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