Training Courses


  1. "Cracking The Prospecting Code"


  1. 'Individual Training' on Your Own Detector - Plus Setting "Cheat Sheet" provided


YES !!!!, you can find your OWN GOLD 'patches'.

YES, there ARE thousands upon thousands of areas within Western Australia that still have undiscovered 'patches' of gold nuggets and more importantly, MANY of these locations are OUTSIDE live leases that you can easily gain access.

We provide the knowledge to find these forgotten + previously unknown gold zones.

See HOME Page for Course Dates or Call: (08) 9250 33 88



A detailed course MANUAL with a Step-by-Step guide to 'Finding New GOLD Spots' is provided, so you don't have to rely on your memory.

Courses are run by Aaron Raddock, an Exploration Geology with over 25-years experience throughout Australia and internationally (India, China, Iran, South Africa, Kenya & Kyrgyzstan) looking for many styles of gold deposits, as well as diamonds, base-metals, coal, etc.

Aaron is also a passionate prospector who had been helping friends and family with prospecting advice for many years which is how these training courses came about.

We try to run a course every two weeks, with the aim to hold a Saturday afternoon course (starting 12noon) alternating with a Friday night course (starting 4:30pm) every month.

Course dates are usually posted with 1-2 months advance notice. Course dates are dependent on Aaron's availability.

Our training courses are held in our training room here at the REEDS Prospecting shop.

Courses are usually about 5-hours long, sometimes they go longer depending on the group, so plan for a later finish.

Plenty of food, drinks & nibbles are provided as part of your course fees.

Don't be the one left behind when only a little more knowledge can make an enormous difference.

Feel free to check out the many reviews posted about the training course on our Facebook page:


  • $280 for 'single entry'.
  • Half price for 2nd person joining a 'single entry'.
  • $180 / per person for groups of 3 or more.


For anyone that has previously attended any Prospecting Training Course offered by REEDS Prospecting, either 'Cracking the Prospecting Code' (now being provided) or 'Smart Prospecting 101' (which is now discontinued) is eligible to attend 'Cracking the Prospecting Code' for only $100.

As there is often small updates completed to the manual, a new manual will be provided to anyone completing a 'Refresher Course'.

This discount cannot be used with any other discounted offer or promotion.



We understand that many prospector's have purchased their detectors SECOND (2nd) HAND and were definitely NOT provided any training or knowledge about the settings and how these detectors work at their best.

Even detectors like the GPX-6000, SDC-2300 and the Gold Monster 1000 that are amazingly automated can still be GREATLY improved by learning the latest advanced GROUND BLANCING techniques.

Having the settings clearly explained to you so that you know just how much the performance changes as you change the settings is very important to make sure you're not running your detector at a much reduced performance without ever knowing you could have been finding more gold !.

The GPX-5000 (&GPX-4500 & 4000) and GPZ-7000 as still the most 'versatile' detectors on the market. Knowledge of HOW the settings work and how to easily adjust these settings to keep your detector running at its BEST, no matter what soil / rock type you are detecting over is one of the most important skills to put you on the path to finding more nuggets.

One-on-one Training Fees:

GPX-5000 (+4500 & 4000), GPX-6000, GPZ-7000 & Equinox-800

$150 - training usually takes approx. 1-hour 

SDC-2300, Gold Monster-1000 & the Vanquish Series

$50 - training usually takes approx. half-hour