GPZ 7000, GPZ 7000 accessories, GPX Series, GPX series accessories, SDC 2300, SDC 2300 accessories, CTX 3030, CTX 3030 accessories, MANTICORE, MANTICORE accessories, EQUINOX Series, EQUINOX series accessories, X-TERRA PRO, X-TERRA PRO accessories, VANQUISH Series, VANQUISH series accessories, Minelab branded bags include warranty for a period of 3 years (36 months) from the Date of Purchase. *excludes all batteries*

GO-FIND Series, GOLD MONSTER 1000, GOLD MONSTER 1000 accessories and PRO-FIND Series are covered for 2 years (24 months) from the Date of Purchase. *excludes all batteries*

Excalibur II, Excalibur II accessories, X-TERRA VOYAGER, PRO-GOLD and PRO-SONIC are warranted for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the Date of Purchase. *excludes all batteries*

Minelab batteries and PRO-SWING 45  and some accessories are under warranty for a period of 6 months from the Date of Purchase.

AFRICA: 3 year warranty period applies only to control box. 1 year replacement warranty on coils. 6 month warranty on batteries and battery chargers / AC adapters.


Minelab has a dedicated service and support facility at their main office @

2 Second Avenue,
Mawson Lakes
SA 5095
T: (08) 8238 0888

Any repairs can be sent directly to this Authorised Service Centre.

REEDS Prospecting can undertake a maintenance 'check' of all current Minelab detector models, as well as many of the discontinued detector models to identify any potential faults.

Any repairs & maintenance is completed by the Minelab Authorised Service Centre.

REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE - Assistance, Postage & Handling

REEDS Prospecting provides the service to send any Minelab product back to the Minelab Service Centre in Adelaide and assist with communications to the Service Centre staff.

REEDS Prospecting Postage & Handling fees to assist with repairs & maintenance vary according to the cost of postage & how much assistance is required. Fees for 'Postage & Handling' start at $35. Larger Minelab items generally cost $50 for 'Postage & Handling'. Prices may be higher if the entire metal detector box is required to be returned.

How to use a few of our products

How to use a few of our products

Below are a few videos we think will help in understanding the basic of these products.

Gold Panning

 Dry Blowers

River Sluice

Gold Cube Concentrator

Gold Magnet

Miller Table

Blue Bowl

Kwik Kiln