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 These sand scoops are brand new 100% Australian made. Precision laser cut and CNC folded steel construction, high quality zinc coating to prevent rust.

This is the big daddy of sand scoops. Massive 200mm wide opening with long Point at the front make it ideal for using like a shovel to scoop out large piles of sand. It also has a flat section at the back for comfortable leverage with your foot.

Has the provision for a 38mm handle.

These work by scooping up the sand when you get a target on the beach while prospecting. Just shake it and you are left with the metal target in the bottom. Alternatively when the sand is wet, just hold the scoop full of sand in the water and the sand will fall out.

Dimensions: 20cm wide, 30cm long, 20cm high

See the last image showing its size compared to the 130mm model. This ad is only for the 200mm model!!

These are a must have for beach metal detecting as sand is so hard to find targets in

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All of my products have been extensively field tested to ensure they can withstand a punishing!