Planning a prospecting trip to the Eastern Goldfields Western Australia

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Planning a prospecting trip to the Eastern Goldfields Western Australia

Have you ever wanted to travel to Western Australia and find your own piece of gold? Are you a little overwhelmed by the legalities? where you are allowed? what paper work you need? what gold indicators to look for? We get inundated with people asking if they are allowed to prospect in WA (specifically the Eastern Goldfields) and how to do it. This is a book created with all the information you need!

In the book we cover -

  • Miners rights

  • Researching a gold spot

  • Legalities

  • Local indicators

  • Safety in the bush

  • General tips

  • Extracts from an old prospectors book (journal style)

  • Checklist

47 pages of gold filled information. The book is suitable for people who have never held a detector, have never visited the country all the way through to West Aussies wanting a more in depth understanding of prospecting in their own state.

Founder Tyler Mahoney created The Prospectors Club to ensure her families 4 generations of prospecting knowledge. Tyler believes that the generations worth of family experience is priceless and should be shared with as many people as possible.

The Mahoney's are full time prospectors who live and breathe gold. Unfortunately, prospecting cannot be taught at school but is a talent that comes with experience and knowledge. The Mahoney's are hoping to pass on theirs in order to help keep the skill set alive.