Packhorse and Waterhole by G Buchanan

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Packhorse and Waterhole by G Buchanan

Packhorse & Waterhole is a rare book. It is the story of a man who paved the way and made the tracks easy for others to follow and it is written by this man’s son.

The book documents the legendary Nat "Bluey" Buchanan’s life and his great droving and exploration trips in the vast remote northern areas of Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, between 1859-1896.

In 1882 the author, as an 18 year old joined his father and accompanied him on many of his now famous inland ventures.

Their part in pioneering the notorious Murranji track, and the stocking and establishment of many great cattle stations, stretching from the Barkly Tableland, across the Northern Territory to the Kimberley are among the great stories unfolded by the writer.

At the time of writing his book, Gordon Buchanan was the only one still living, of the six men who were directly involved in pioneering and opening up this famous Murranji stock-route. Frank Clune in his book "Roaming Around Australia" described ‘Packhorse and Waterhole’ as ‘a fair dinkum bush classic’ He was spot on! S/c. 118pp. First published in 1933, this edition 1997.