POUCH for the SP01 Steel Phase enhancer booster

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NV POUCH for the SP01 Steel Phase enhancer booster.

Custom designed pouch for the sP01 SteelPhase Enhancer.

Simply slide the sP01 in, connect your input and output cables and you’re ready to go.

A heavy duty spring clip allows you to mount the sP01 where it suits with your set-up, and change mounting positions quickly and easily if using on a range of different detectors, or sharing between two users etc.

Also features a flap to cover the controls to protect from dust, and prevent the controls from getting knocked accidentally.

Held on by Velcro to quickly open and make setting adjustments on the go. Features an opening for the output socket, which will accommodate both straight and right angle headphone plugs.


• Quality Canvas construction

• High tension spring holster clip, mount on belts, harnesses etc.

• Will accept straight or right angle headphone/speaker plugs

• Slot for charging – don’t need to remove the sP01