Nugget Finder Shaft Clips

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Nugget Finder Shaft Clips - Helps secure the coil cable to the shaft

Detector Search coil Cable Clips – Come in a pack of 3.

These clips are great and clip right onto the lower shaft of your metal detector. The eliminate the need for Velcro straps or any type of tape to secure the cable to the shaft.

  • No need for insulation tape
  • Holds Cable firmly in a straight line
  • Minimises chance of cable noise
  • Quick changeover of coils
  • Take fewer lower shafts on a trip
  • Reduce detector length ,without unplugging coil
  • Suits Nugget Finder, Coiltek, and Commander coils

You will be amazed how simple and easy the coil cable clips are to use.

Each packet contains three clips that fit your detectors lower shaft.

Will work on all Minelab and aftermarket lower shafts.