Nugget Finder 19inch Evolution Coil

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Nugget Finder 19inch Evolution Coil.

This coil to have exceptional depth and stability, and a high level of sensitivity to smaller nuggets has been retained.

The Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and larger targets, for maximum performance. The 19″ EVO will be sure to impress with its light weight and stable performance on a range of gold sizes.

Weight approx. 1100g.

This will be a great coil for depth on wide open country.  MANY DEEP, large nuggets have been found with this EVO coil from Nugget Finder.

  • Polycarbonate Shaft Mount
  • Compressed Divinycell Foam Core
  • Bonded Shielding
  • Tapered ABS Enclosure
  • Pressure Regulation Valve
  • Fully Bonded Design
  • Spiral Wound Litz Winding
  • Gold Plated Plugs
  • Smooth Finish Skid Plates
  • Water Proof