Nugget Finder 17 x 13inch Evolution Solid Coil

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Nugget Finder 17 x 13inch Evolution - SOLID

Nugget Finder 17×13 Elliptical Search coil Open Design or Solid are available (includes skidplate and mounting hardware)

This is Nugget Finder’s latest development.  It is a solid coil and is designed to outperform the standard Advantage coils of the same size.

Nugget Finder informs us that: Field testing indicates that this will be a very popular coil choice as it gives broad target coverage at depth and will match the 14″ Round on small targets.

Features: Foam Infused Spiral Winding, High Density Divinycell Foam Core, Fully Bonded and Tapered ABS Housing, Litz Wire, O Ring Sealed Cable, Waterproof to 1 metre, Polycarbonate Shaft Mount and 3 Year Warranty.