Nugget Finder 17 X 13 Evolution Spoked

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Nugget Finder 17 X 13 Evolution Spoked

 The Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and large targets, for maximum performance.

Perfect for the GPX series, the 17×13” Spoked Evolution coil is an excellent all-rounder, particularly for more open ground. Lots of ground coverage per sweep, the 17×13″ is very sensitive and will still punch down on larger targets.

Field testing from WA to Victoria has proven this coil to have exceptional depth, sensitivity and stability, yet it is significantly lighter than similar sized coils.

Compared to the 15″ round, the 17×13″ has a slightly sharper response, particularly on deeper targets, and increased ground coverage – which makes it a perfect general purpose or patch hunting coil.

All “Evolution” coils feature an Auto Pressure Value, which comes into play in humid to hot weather conditions, as it allows for air build up inside the coil to be released through the pressure valve automatically.

Quality Nugget Finder construction featuring: Litz wire, O-Ring sealed cable, Foam infused spiral winding, High Density foam core for maximum rigidity, fully bonded and tapered ABS housing, strong Polycarbonate shaft mount, waterproof to 1m, and 3yr warranty.

Breathe new life into your GPX detector, and will also suit GP and SD series where ground conditions permit, as with all mono coils. Weight – 950g (Approx)

NOTE: Heavy Duty spoked skid plates are available.