Nugget Finder 12 x 8inch Elliptical Skid standard

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Nugget Finder 12 x 8inch EVO Elliptical Skid standard

The 12×8″ is the smallest coil in the Nugget Finder Evolution coil series.
Extreme sensitivity to the tiniest targets, the 12×8's small semi-elliptical footprint is perfect for getting in amongst thick scrub, tussocks, and rocky terrain. Picks up the smallest bits of gold, but still capable of good depth for its size. The 12×8″ Evo is super light weight at only 740g.

A brilliant match to the 4500 or 5000 which helps bridge the gap between Enhance and Fine Gold timing (only found on the 5000). Also really lifts the performance of the GPX4000 on very small gold, and can be used on SD and GP series machines in less mineralized soils.