Mountain Goat Reverse Helix Trommel

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Mountain Goat Reverse Helix Trommel

Enhance gold processing speed and recovery with the Mountain Goat Trommel. This portable machine features a reverse helix system for maximum efficiency. Its self-cleaning trommel eliminates frequent clean-ups, while adjustable legs ensure optimal pitch and fine gold capture. Compatible with the Desert Fox Spiral Panning Machine, it offers a seamless workflow. With its lightweight design, the Mountain Goat Trommel is perfect for easy transportation and field use. Join the one-man small mining operation and experience accelerated processing and increased gold recovery. 

Speed up your gold processing work and increase gold recovery with the Mountain Goat Trommel. This machine is aptly named because it can eat almost anything and is light enough to carry up a mountain!

The Mountain Goat Trommel is a reverse helix system built on the same principle as the huge mining trommels used by large mining companies all over the world, but this is light and portable. It is not to be confused with gravel pit trommels, though, which are designed to classify gravels. The reverse helix system came from the Archimedes Screw Pump invented over 2,000 years ago by the mathematician Archimedes. Someone discovered that the pump brought up GOLD along with the water they were pumping out of the Nile river!

The Mountain Goat is very efficient because the spiral riffles inside of the tube turn and bring the heavy materials up to the high end of the tube while allowing the lighter materials to flow out of the back of the tube as tailings. This system makes the trommel self-cleaning, which eliminates the need to break down for clean-up as is necessary with sluice box type equipment.The spiral riffles in the trommel tube are  inch deep and spaced inch apart. We suggested your placer material be screened to inch or less even though rocks as large as inch will pass through the tube. There is a nugget trap at the low end of the tube which should be checked regularly for nuggets larger than ? inch. The front legs of the trommel are adjustable to increase the pitch but we found that the factory setting is the best for getting fine or flour gold. The factory setting has the front legs about 1 inch longer than the back legs. Tests have shown very little loss of fine gold at this setting when a wetting agent such as Jet Dry is used in the system. The Mountain Goat can be used in a large tray, such a mortar mixing tub, with about 5 gallons of water which is then recirculated by a 750 gallon per hour pump.

It can also be used directly in a stream. The Mountain Goat Trommel is the perfect companion to the Desert Fox Spiral Panning Machine as it can directly feed the Desert Fox using the custom designed accessories making you a one-man small mining operation. The Mountain Goat Trommel was field tested by Jim Klein and here is what he thought: We enjoyed working the Mountain Goat and feel it is a good addition to our gold mining equipment. We were able to speed up our gold processing work and increase our recovery.

Mountain Goat Trommel Specifications

  • Height: 24 inches
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Barrel: 4 inches
  • Power Required: 12VDC 17AH
  • Water Required: 5 gallons
  • Pump Capacity: 750 Gph
  • Material Capacity: 2 Yards per Day