MiniTurboPan GREEN

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MiniTurboPan GREEN

 The Turbopan helps eliminate the problem of compaction which can happen with traditional Klondike pans as it is basically a circular sluice but without the need for running water as it maximises the effects of gravity.

The shallow depth of the Turbopan means it is perfect to use in all sorts of puddles and troughs. T

he Turbopan's colour has also been specifically designed to allow you to spot gold easier. 

This is the 10" (25.4 cm) diameter version of the Turbopan that is the perfect addition to any gold hunters collection

- Turbopan combines two proven performers, the sluice and the pan. 

- Turbopan is shallow to get gold into the sluice riffles fast. The riffles break up clay, stop compaction and trap the gold. Gravity does the rest.

You don't need much water with Turbopan. Why dry pan when 1 pint of water will double your gold recovery in half the time?
- Use Turbopan like a traditional pan or like a centrifuge. It's easy and fast either way.
- You deserve to get all the finest gold. Your time is valuable. Turbopan saves both.
Recover all your gold from black sands with the MiniTurbopan, the cheapest effective clean up tool available.