Keene Mini Super Sluice

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Keene Mini Super Sluice A51

Product Description:
The Keene A51 Mini Sluice Box is the standard sluice for lightweight prospecting. Our most popular medium size sluice for all around use. Size is 36" long x 10" wide. Riffle area measures 10 inches wide and 21 inches long.

Produces quantities of concentrates ten times faster than hand panning alone.

Keene A51 Sluice Features:

~ New improved riffle latching system for easier and faster clean up. 
~ Improved riffle design for superior fine gold recovery for all conditions. 
~ New Black rubber ribbed matting for instant gold recognition and improved fine gold recovery. 
~ Lighter and more compact for back packing and storage. 
~ New improved handle for more even balance & ease of carrying. 
~ Plated expanded metal under the riffles causes increased water turbulence to drop gold easier. 
~ High profile carpet under the expanded metal captures even the finest gold.

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