Keene Concentrating Blue Bowl

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Keene Blue Concentrating Bowl with Clips

This bowl is designed for the cost effective, rapid and easy recovery of fine gold, through the use of centrifugal force. The water washes the lighter material away and the heavier, gold is left in the bottom of the bowl. 

There are support levelling clips supplied so that the bowl can be positioned accurately on a 20 litre bucket.  The 3 support clips are attached to the top of the bucket so the operator can easily level the bowl.    Please note the 20 litre bucket is not included.

Recover your fine gold quickly and easily from water flow is powered by water from a garden hose or by a 12 Volt battery powered water pump.  The water can be recycled (by using a small submersible) or can be allowed to flow away.

This spiffy bowl uses only 3 gallons of water per minute and has no parts to wear out or replace!

Made of high impact plastic and so easy to set up on its folding legs that its ideal for taking out in the field. Measures 13/5" x 5".