Keene 151S Dryblower NO MOTOR

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Keene 151s Dryblower NO MOTOR

The Model 151S is the improved Model.

Some of the new features include “Soft Bed Technology” that creates greater electrostatic charged recovery bed.

“Scrubbing Pins” for early separation of gold and even flow before entry into the recovery tray.

“Preheated Air” up to 50 degrees above ambient temperature is ducted into the radial blower to assist in drying damp material when using the Keene 151 dry blower engine.

“New Improved Vibrator System” creating greater vibration at lower engine speeds for increased gold production.

“Blast Gate Technology” enables the user to make infinite adjustments to vibration and air pressure in the recovery container.

The folding support legs are now equipped with “Vibration transfer brackets” that transfer energy to the hopper for more complete and efficient classification.

The folding support legs also makes this model a dream assembly and also comes with 10 feet of heavy duty 4 inch ducting hose.

The hopper has been enlarged for greater capacity to include steeper sides to prevent any possibility of material build up.

The adjustable oscillating vibrator and adjustable flow gate controls make this Dry Washer ideal.