Gold Retort with Stand - Universal (NO POT)

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Gold Retort with Stand - Universal (NO POT)

A Mercury Retort is used to recover fine gold from concentrates.

The purpose of the retort is to separate the gold from the mercury components of the gold amalgam. By applying heat to the amalgam the mercury is burnt off as a gas, which passes along the pipe to re-condense as a liquid. The gold remains in the distilling chamber of the retort, while the mercury is collected at the discharge end in liquid form.

This process allows you to reclaim and reuse the mercury.

DID YOU KNOW?  Mercury is the only metal which occurs as a liquid at ordinary temperatures and is one of only two metals (copper is the other) that occurs naturally in both its metallic and oxidized state. Mercury will form amalgams with almost all metals except Iron and Aluminum.

This is a large capacity continuous cooling mercury recovery retort, designed to purify your mercury while separating it from your gold.

The water chamber stands on legs. 

This retort is designed to operate with water in the water chamber.

These retorts are designed to take a beating, they are made out of mild steel, and all parts are welded.

All units are leak tested before they are painted with a rust resistant paint.