6" highbanker w/ 3m hose & 2000GHP bilge

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Introducing our 6 inch Backpack Highbanker hybrid.

 This is a modular unit with this listing offering the full package which includes:

  • Highbanker Hopper option with fixtures including spraybar
  • 6 inch re-circulation sluice system
  • Fully adjustable leg kit
  • standard 3 Meters Sullage hose
  • 2000 GPH bilge pump
  • Black mini Cell Dream mat

All units now come with highbanker leg kit vs the universal leg kit we used to offer. 

This highbanker is ideal for carting long distances in the bush and running buckets at home without the need for a lot of power. The 2000GPH bilge pump draws 10 amps per hour so a battery with enough capacity for at least 2 hours run time is recommended.