The Eagles Nest by PJ Bridge

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The Eagles Nest Larkinville, the Golden Eagle, and the Great Depression  by PJ Bridge


Western Australia's last great traditional gold rush occurred at Larkinville during the depths of the 1930s depression.

The largest gold nugget found in Australia in the 20th century, the Golden Eagle, was discovered in the Larkinville rush.

This book covers in detail the 1930s at Larkinville. It contains a systematic collection of reports of the rush, descriptions of 'Larkinville City', details of all the known nuggets found there including the Golden Eagle, biographies of many of the prospectors (well indexed), and an examination of the prospecting schemes and political efforts to counteract the depression.

The Eagle's Nest is heavily illustrated with more than 150 photographs and maps.

The final chapters are an examination of the causes of the predicted coming depression and the political manipulation of world economies.