Armstrong Industries MINI 777 GRB Impact Rock Crusher

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Armstrong Industries MINI 777 GRB Impact Rock Crusher

The 777 Mini is the ultimate small scale miner electric motor run unit which features all the hard wearing hard smashing capacity and functionality of a full scale rock crusher without the weight.

It is the smallest of our GRB range. Perfect for the weekend prospector as it can be operated at home or on the goldfield.  
With a 0.55KW electric motor it can be run out on the goldfields with a small generator. (worth noting not all generators are made equally) The motor is protected by a thermal overload sensor.
No need for a dolly pot, what would normally take you hours can be done in minutes.
The Cylinder size has a Diameter of 120mm and a Length of 150mm. This model comes standard with a 1.2mm bottom screen. 

Additional screens can be purchased on request.

Total Size
-Length  500mm
-Width  350mm
-Height 500mm
-Weight approx 35Kg
-Capacity approx 40Kg per Hour