888 Sluice

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The mid range backpack Gold Sluice.

were calling this our 888 lucky sluice as were running mini cell Dream mat 8 inches wide with a total length of 88cm making this the perfect sluice option for those long walk trips where the 6 inch might not have the volume capacity you require.

There's no question the 6" Bushwalker sluice is our most successful offering to the prospector toolbox but there was something missing in between a full length sluice and the small bushwalker.

The new mini cell profile of dream mat has amazing recovery while not requiring as much flow as the traditional Dream mat in 2 inch wide cell. This sluice can be fed unclassified but you will need to get your hands in there to move the off rock if you do. The alternative to using a sieve is to add a forward classification tray which is available above and an option. or for more info on our sluice trays check out our sluice accessories section in our store

88cm sluice plus clamp & Green dream mat.