The Seta Project 4500 DVD

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The Seta Project 4500 DVD

 The Outback Prospector presents – The SETA Project Covering the GPX4500 – 2 DVD’s

In this fourth instructional DVD in ‘ The Outback Prospector’ Series,  JP de-mystifies the GPX4500 labyrinth of menu options with in-depth explanations from Bruce Candy plus two key Minelab personnel. Learn to apply specific settings for different soil and coil types, how to customise your 4500 to suit your personal preferences, get the best set up for the latest detecting accessories plus identify common detecting errors.

Gain the knowledge to fast-track your detecting skills…all from the comfort of your lounge chair! Customers who learn the skills required to operate these complex machines are more than likely to be successful with their new detector and therefore have the confidence to continue with their hobby

Approx. 190 minutes of footage