Minelab FBS TALL MAN Lower Stem 61cm

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Minelab FBS TALL MAN Lower Stem 61cm

61cm Tall man lower metal detector stem designed to fit all FBS metal detectors.

FBS technology can be found in Minelab's E-TRAC and Safari metal detectors.

Minelab FBS 'tall man' extended lower stem

Extended length (610mm) Carbon fibre lower stem for all FBS models. A usefull accessory for those over 6ft tall.

Suitable for

  • Minelab E-Trac
  • Minelab Explorer SE PRO
  • Minelab Explorer SE
  • Minelab Explorer II
  • Minelab Explorer XS (replaces plastic stem)
  • Minelab Explorer S (replaces plastic stem)
  • Minelab Safari
  • Minelab Quattro.