Minelab 11inch GP Series DD coil

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Minelab 11-inch DD coil: SD, GP & GPX Series - Skid Plate also provided.

The Minelab 11" Commander Double-D Metal Detector Coil has a wonderful blend of depth and sensitivity.

It performs well with all Soil/Timings and is very stable in all ground types.

The 11" Round Commander Double-D coil is water resistant and may be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain or moved through wet grass but it can not be submersed under water.

The 11" Round Commander Double-D coil is compatible with the following Metal Detectors: GPX 5000, GPX 4800, GPX-4500, SD2200v2, SD2100v2, GPX-4000, GP 3500, GP 3000, GP Extreme, SD 2100e, SD 2200d, SD2100 and SD2000.