Grinder Crusher (New)

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Grinder Crusher

This rock crusher has been designed & built to produce to turn rocks into dust.

This is the ultimate design to enable CONTINUOUS FEED into the 'Grinder Crusher', with high production rates.
Sample tests produced 50kg / hour.

Rock types used for testing were selected from the Western Australia goldfields to have a 'hardness' that was considered to be representative of the type of rocks that are generally crushed for sampling.

The crushing process is safe & relatively dust free, producing a representative sample of the rock.

EASY REPLACEMENT CHAINS - this clever design uses D-Shackles so that replacing the 'crushing chain' is quick & easy.  No welding required to replace chains!

EASY TO USE - instructions provided.

WARRANTY: 12-months repair or replace (to be determined by manufacturer) warranty provided for any manufacturing faults (N.B. bearings not included with warranty)

* Crushed sample not included