Coiltek 15 inch All Terrain Excalibur Coil 375mm

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The 15” All Terrain coil has been a very successful coil for a wide variety of detectors. Mainly made to match the coin & relic machines, it has also been made for the entry-level VLF gold machines namely the XT series and Eureka Gold. Due to the size of this coil, it can increase the depth performance up to 30% over the standard coil without reducing the sensitivity a great deal. Of course, there is always some trade-off but its response to smaller targets is very good. Being a larger coil, pinpointing can take some getting used to but it will not take long to get used to the coil’s sweet spot and enjoy its overall performance.

This size of coil is best suited to open terrain hunting like the beaches or fields. Working slow and low is best. Again, due to its size, it does need to have time to respond to targets at depth accurately and handle the ground conditions.

The coil is FULLY WATER-PROOF. It has been finished off in a gloss-black epoxy resin which seals the coil windings inside and provides its waterproof characteristic and its robustness. The housings are made from durable ABS plastic which can certainly endure extreme conditions like saltwater and wet fields. When hunting in the water it has negative buoyancy which helps the coil ‘sink’ rather than float so it is perfect for wading out at low tide.

This coil is very popular with the Coin & Relic hunters around the world and it has earned the nickname ‘WOT’ which stands for ‘Wild Orange Thing’ due to the terracotta color and performance.


  • Conversion Kit
  • Mounting Accessories


  • Excellent depth
  • Very robust coil
  • Good for open terrain searching
  • More coverage than standard coil
  • Fully Submersible – Water Proof Coil
  • Lightweight for easy swinging
  • Well balanced
  • Good sensitivity to smaller targets
  • Works with detectors functions as per standard coil