10 inch Modular Gold sluice

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Introducing our Modular Gold Sluice Series

Being modular means you can get started with prospecting with a sluice relatively cheaply while having room and option to grow as does your interest in Gold Prospecting.

Our Modular Sluice has a removable Flare that is designed to channel water into your sluice and offers a slick plate area to dump gold bearing material onto when prospecting.

The 10 inch variation refers to the width of the recovery system in the sluice. This is called Vortex Dream mat ® and is currently one of the most efficient gold recovery matting systems in the world.

The 10 inch modular sluice has a flare that fits inside the sluice when broken down to save on shipping. This sluice range designed to be able to be carried by postal services anywhere mail can be delivered. 

the 10 inch modular sluice can process a lot of material fast and suits most able prospectors in terms of shovel speed.

10'inch sluice can be used with high banker frame which is sold separately 

10 Inch Modular Sluice Specifications

    Assembled length    - 45.5 inches (1155.7mm)

    Weight - 7 KGS

    What comes standard:

    This ripper little sluice is equipped with a removable flair header for ease of packing and storage, CNC slotted for easy removal of the sluice mat and slotted to accommodate legs brackets should you add those accessories.

    4 x Stainless steel bolts nylon washers and wing nuts

    1 x 10 inch dream mat

    *No Leg Brackets or legs are supplied with this listing, legs kits are $195 available in Accessories

    Modular Sluice box Options:

    Each sluice is CNC slotted from the start to accommodate a range of accessories as can be seen in sluice box accessories . Your flare can be removed to accommodate a header box, the walls have hole placements for self supportive fully adjustable leg kit. See images.

    There are options for the header box as well, you can remove the rear baffle and add a header flare kit which opens up your feed area and allows for a spray bar conversion.

    Why convert to a spray bar?

    When converting from a river sluice to a power sluice we have added water so we are no longer relying on sufficient flow in a stream, we can take this one step further and add pressure to our feeder box which aids in liberating gold from dirt and gravels. With better cleaning we can see better recovery especially when working clay's.

    There's also an option to add a sluice classification tray which if you've added all the above accessories you have converted your river sluice into a fully functional forward classifying highbanker.

    The tray also works in a river sluice without a head box allowing you to better work your material before exposing to the recovery system.

    Running pumps to deliver water you want to run a minimum 4000 GPH for the 10 inch, we can supply a 4700 GPH bilge that can be necked down to 32mm to restrict flow.