Understanding Geology for Non-Geologists by Bob Fagan

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Understanding Geology for Non-Geologists by Bob Fagan

Some 4 GB of digital content featuring 40 fully-narrated, and illustrated lecture-style presentations (in PowerPoint Show format), comprising a digital geology text, designed for those wanting or needing a reasonable comprehensive, easily assimilated, not too technical, understanding of geology.

This course is particularly designed as a concise, one-stop study guide for students undertaking undergraduate studies in geology at the university level.

The course assumes no prior knowledge, is very comprehensive, covering all the relevant theory and associated practical aspects of the first year of a university degree in geology.

The content is suitable for non-geologists, including other mining industry professionals, managers, technicians, prospectors, engineers, teachers, journalists, executives, managers, & in fact anyone who may need and benefit from a structured understanding of geology in order to function better in their professional and working lives.