Training ONE on ONE $50

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Training One on One $50 SDC 2300 and Vanquish

We understand that many prospector's have purchased their detectors SECOND (2nd) HAND and were definitely NOT provided any training or knowledge about the settings and how these detectors work at their best.
Even detectors like the GPX-6000, SDC-2300 that are amazingly automated can still be GREATLY improved by learning the latest advanced GROUND BLANCING techniques. Having the settings clearly explained to you so that you know just how much the performance changes as you change the settings is very important to make sure you're not running your detector at a much reduced performance without ever knowing you could have been finding more gold!
The GPX-5000 (&GPX-4500 & 4000) and GPZ-7000 as still the most 'versatile' detectors on the market. Knowledge of HOW the settings work and how to easily adjust these settings to keep your detector running at its BEST, no matter what soil / rock type you are detecting over is one of the most important skills to put you on the path to finding more nuggets.