Small River Sluice

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Oz Wash Small River Sluice

The Oz Wash Small River Sluice is made in Australia for the rugged Australian conditions. The sluice is designed to be lightweight and versatile. It features miners moss matting and 3 riffles. Aluminium construction. 

Overall length: 700mm
tray: 500mm
tray width: 180mm
Flare opening: 350mm
Matting: Minors Moss
Riffles: 3
Weight: 2.04kg

Oz Wash sluices are designed to find you a fortune, not cost one.

Made in the Golden Triangle of Victoria, tested and developed with hours of R & D testing in the field to create the design.

All our materials are locally sourced and we take pride in returning our manufacturing costs to the Bendigo region so as the money stays in Australia and doesn't go off shore.

At Oz wash sluices we don't know everything... in fact, we are always learning more about gold recovery systems! We encourage our customers and dealers to tell us what we can do better, while we always strive to keep the cost at an affordable level for our customers!

If you have any questions about sluicing, prospecting and gold recovery, feel free to shoot us a line.