Nugget Finder 15inch Round Evolution Solid

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Nugget Finder 15” Round Evolution SOLID Detector Coil

With Depth Capability close to the 19” on  Large Gold and Superior Performance on small Gold, the 15” Evolution is a Great All – Rounder. 

 At only 1000 grams it is a Large Coil you can swing all day.

Buy Nugget Finder 15′′ Evolution Mono Coil Online in Australia Looking for an Australian-made coil that will take your metal detecting to the next level?

With the wonderful 15′′ Evolution mono coil, you can improve the performance of your GPX gold detector.

The Nugget Finder Evolution is designed to maximise the performance of all Minelab SD, GP and GPX series of metal detectors.

These new revolutionary coils are lightweight with a unique winding method that improves stability, performance, better shielding, stronger housing and greater depth.

All Nugget Finder Evolution coils come with a three-year warranty.