Keene Miners Moss ROLL 3ft x 20ft

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Mining moss is used to line the bottom of a sluice box to trap gold nuggets, flakes, and smaller particles.

Order traditional blue miners moss / nomad sluice box carpet matting here. Miner's moss is the perfect upgrade and replacement for the original green carpet sold standard in most sluice boxes. Miner's moss really traps the nuggets and fine gold very well - preferred for years by commercial miners and dredgers worldwide.

Miners moss is also known in the mining industry as Nomad sluice carpeting, Noodle Loop Vinyl Mats, and Spaghetti Cushion Matting.

Miners moss sluice carpet is the ultimate matting for fine and coarse gold recovery in any sluicing or dredging application. It traps and holds gold inside loose woven vinyl fibers which are easily cleaned to recover the gold.

Preferred by commercial mining companies worldwide, this moss sluice box carpeting is very durable and super efficient at trapping even the finest gold flakes.