Keene 190 Triple Threat Dryblower NO ENGINE

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Keene 191 Dry Blower:

This is the 190 Dry Blower without the 5 horse power Briggs and Stratton Professional Engine.


  • Soft Bed Technology: 7 milliamps of constant current, creating an electrostatic charge ten times greater than any other sry blower.
  • Positive Charge created on dust particles that reacts to the negative charge of the ground meaning a virtually dust free environment.
  • Blast Gate Technology means that there can be adjustment of vibration and air pressure.
  • Scrubbing Pins break up stubborn material, feed it evenly and free the gold.
  • Enclosed Riffle Bed helps create a dust free environment.
  • Compact single unit.
  • This dry blower provides unmatched fine gold recovery.
  • Comes with a 3 metre plastic hose.

Dimensions: 2 boxes: Dry Blower: 810 x 720 x 920 (55kg).