DMP Discovery Trails to Early Earth Murchison by Kranendonk Johnston

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A Traveller's Guide to the East Pilbara of Western Australia

The east Pilbara region in the northwest of Western Australia has one of Earth's best-preserved remnants of ancient crust - crust that is more than 3 500 000 000 years old! The book takes you on a journey through this iconic ancient land. You will see remnants of gigantic volcanic eruptions, rocks virtually untouched by time, the famed 'Marble Bar', and the most ancient traces of life on Earth - stromatolites.

All sites are close to the road, readily accessible, and located for you by GPS. Come travel these six trails, radiating out from Marble Bar, and delve back into Deep Time ...

This book will be of interest to:

  • Tourists travelling around Australia - scratch beneath the surface for some hidden secrets
  • School children and teachers - there is much to interest you in this book
  • Those with an interest in the Pilbara region, its rocks, and its landscapes
  • Locals wanting to deepen their knowledge of the region, and perhaps see some areas with new insight
  • Geoscientists on holiday