DeTacc 5 pin SuperSound

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This enhancer is designed to use with the Minelab metal detectors.

A speaker enhancer is a vital accessory when using a speaker on this detector. It provides a clear signal with adjustable volume. 

This enhancer can be used with headphones or the external speaker. It operates with the standard battery lead on the GPX Series Minelab detectors.  (Low drain on battery with auto power-off.)

The DETacc is an Australian Made audio booster, suitable for a range of detectors. Low noise circuitry makes it ideal for use with external speakers or headphones.

The DETacc is perfectly suited to most detectors, but will provide excellent results particularly on gold detectors that have a faint signal response, such as: Minelab Eureka Gold, XT18000, SD & GP Series units, GPX4000, and the SDC2300*. Also suits the GPZ7000, GPX4500, 4800, 5000 & 6000 for users wishing to run a dual external speaker set-up.