De-Tacc BEO2 Booster

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The DETacc BE02 is an Australian Made universal audio booster, suitable for a range of detectors. Low noise circuitry makes it ideal for use with external speakers or headphones.

The BE02 is powered by an internal 9V battery. AccuPower rechargeable 9V’s can be used. The booster has a Volume control and an On/Off switch, and plenty of power to run external speakers.

The DETacc BE02 is perfectly suited to most detectors, but will provide excellent results particularly on gold detectors that have a faint signal response, such as: Minelab Eureka Gold, XT18000, SD & GP Series units, GPX4000, and the SDC2300*. Also suits the GPZ7000, GPX4500, 4800 and 5000 for users wishing to run a dual external speaker set-up.

*Phase Technical Adaptor Lead required for the SDC.

NOTE: May trigger the booster amplifier in GPX batteries, so please use a lower Target Volume, and a low Volume Limit to protect your ears.